Technical details


What can damage MAGSHAPE GREY?

We can divide the causes of damage into three main categories.

Mechanical damage

The collision between inductor and part.

Material overheating

This may result from poor design or inadequate concentrator cooling. Whenever possible, it is recommended to cool the concentrator by means of a shower at the end of the cycle.
This way concentrator lifespan will be extended to its maximum.

Electrical short circuit

Turns with different electric potential must not be directly connected to Magshape Grey, as the material is not completely insulated.
As fot the problem, please refer to Insulation tips section.

How to assess concentrator health?

In order to evaluate the state of the concentrator it is important to look for signs such as cracks, chips or burnings on its surface. To eliminate scale, dirt and calamine, it is recommended to carry out periodic maintenance by cleaning the inductor.

In the event that the surface of the Magshape Grey may appear blackened/burnt, we recommend cleaning the concentrator using sand paper to check its state. If at the end of the operation the color is as the original, the piece is still usable. In order to further assess the state of the piece, we recommend using a multimeter set to resistance/OHMS with the tips placed at a distance of 10 mm: if the resistance is greater than 50 OHMS the piece is usable.